Finnish Association of Urological Nurses - Urhot RY

Finnish Association of Urological Nurses Urhot RY is a national non-profit association whose membership is currently about 400.The Association’s purpose is to develop urological nursing nationwide as well as maintaining urological nurses’ professional careers. 


The association carries out its purpose by organizing regular meetings in connection with a lecture and discussion sessions as well as study visits. The association supports the professional development of its members by providing grants for education. Cooperation with other medical associations, urological association, polytechnics and Scandinavian colleagues is active.
The association also publishes News of the Urho magazine, which is published three times a year. The magazine has a circulation of about 500 copies / number.


Cooperation between the Finnish urological nurses from various hospitals was designed since late 70’s. The final impetus and co-operation was needed.To speed things up, two wise urologists Timo Lehtonen and Olof Alfthan from Meilahti Hospital came along. The first contact with the colleagues took place in Meilahti Hospital when Kati Niiranen was sending a letter to colleagues in different hospitals inquiring about interest in the establishment of the association.
The interest was found and the association of the initial planning meeting was held on 21.05.1982 on Ilomantsi.
The meeting was attended by 14 urological nurses all over Finland.The inaugural meeting of Finnish Association of Urological Nurses Urhot  was held in March 1983. The purpose was to develop the professional skills of members by organizing training in urological nursing. Since the beginning the association thought it was important  to establish contacts with colleagues in the other Nordic countries and the exchange of visits with the Swedes began as early as 1984.
Finnish Association of Urological Nurses – Urhot RY The Association’s purpose is to develop urological care nationwide, as well as to maintain urologic nurses skills, and to enhance cooperation and support.